Recent Additions or Updates to Website

12/12/07- Added some photos from the West Coast Clambake to the Bulletin Board .

12/07/07- Added wintry 1950's Harmon family photo to the Bulletin Board .

8/05/07- Added West Coast Mini-Reunion photo to the Bulletin Board and new member Noelle Shattyn Soren mugs to the Mug Gallery.

5/31/07- Added wedding photos from Nancy Jo and graduation photos from Steve H. to the Bulletin Board.

1/30/07- Added Steve Harmon's Cancun Wedding photos to the Bulletin Board.

11/20/06- Added new member Donna Decker Williamson's yearbook photo to the Mug Gallery.

11/04/06- Added info on Nancy Jo P's upcoming poetry reading to the Bulletin Board.

10/26/06- Added photos including a little surprise from Nancy Jo P. to the Bulletin Board.

10/18/06- Added two nice photos from Beverly Groff Goodlin to the Bulletin Board.

10/17/06- Added Nancy Jo's Grandbaby to the Bulletin Board.

9/29/06- Added link to Ladue News article by Nancy Jo on the Bulletin Board.

8/27/06- Added magazine article by Doctor Rebbie to Bulletin Board.

8/03/06- Added vacation photos to Bulletin Board.

7/19/06- Added announcement and map of NJH Powers poetry reading on Bulletin Board.

6/06/06- Added a photo of RANDY the red-nosed RAHNdeer and family to Bulletin Board.

6/04/06- Added beautiful photos from Rebbie and Nancy Jo to Bulletin Board.

6/01/06- Added photo of Shelley Rudman to Bulletin Board.

5/02/06- Added Nancy Jo Powers grandchildren photo to Bulletin Board.

1/15/06- Added Koprivika Klassic film to Bulletin Board.

12/05/05- Added new member Beverly Groff Goodlin's yearbook photo to the Mug Gallery and to the Member Roster and Email List

11/15/05- Added new member Ken Peltier's yearbook photo to the Mug Gallery.

11/11/05- Updated Member Roster and Email List.

11/01/05- Added voices to Jeff Fink and Richard Krause mugs in the Mug Gallery.

10/29/05- Added 2005 reunions photos.

10/02/05- Added yearbook to site.

9/23/05- Updated list af attendees to the Reunion Page.

9/16/05- Updated list af attendees to the Reunion Page.

9/08/05- Updated list af attendees to the Reunion Page.

8/31/05- Added new member Ted Staley's yearbook photo to the Mug Gallery.

8/31/05- Added beginning list af attendees to the Reunion Page.

8/25/05- Added photo of Sharon Steinman Stein and Gracie Rosenthal Brod to the Bulletin Board

7/19/05- Added new Gary Pepper photos to the Bulletin Board

7/06/05- Added new photos to the Bulletin Board

6/13/05- Added new member Bob Frank's yearbook photo to the Mug Gallery.

6/03/05- Added new member Susan Miller Golia's yearbook photo to the Mug Gallery and a new Mystery Photo to the Pop Quiz page and 3 new small gifts to the Small Gift Gallery.

6/02/05- Added new member Allan Silverberg's yearbook photo to the Mug Gallery

5/31/05- Added new member Judy Marx Rand's yearbook photo to the Mug Gallery

5/28/05- Added new member Terry Croupen's yearbook photo, and a current mug of Sharon Steinman Stein to the Mug Gallery.

5/26/05- Added photo of Schneidhorst mini-reunion for Chris Wullf's visit to St. Louis Bulletin Board

5/21/05- Added Postcard to be mailed next week which contains 2005 Reunion information on the Reunion Page.

5/18/05- Added Pop Quiz page.

5/15/05- Added Nelson-Hecker-Budwar mini-reunion photo to the Bulletin Board

5/15/05- Added scan of our original Commencement Program to the Reunion Page.

5/05/05- Added Steve Harmon photos of school to the Bulletin Board and the bare beginnings of a Reunion Page.

4/23/05- Added newspaper article concerning Bill Odell to the Bulletin Board.

4/19/05- Added 3 photos to the Bulletin Board.

4/04/05- Added photo from Randy Rahn's "Clambake Sixty" to the Bulletin Board.

3/22/05- Added photo of Susan Rosenbaum Bosse and Gracie Rosenthal's Bat Mitzvah to the Bulletin Board.

3/15/05- Added Nancy Powers' Poetry performance photo and excerpt to the Bulletin Board.

3/08/05- Added "TOP 30" to the Bulletin Board.

3/06/05- Added new "Postcards from the Class" page.

2/28/05- Added Fink-McCowen Mini Reunion photo to the Bulletin Board.

2/25/05- Added details on Nancy Power's Poetry Reading to Upcoming Events page.

2/15/05- Added Upcoming Events page.

1/22/05- Added LA Mini Reunion photo to the Bulletin Board

1/17/05- Added current photo of Joyce Ritter Ulrich to the Mug Gallery and a family vacation photo of Joyce's to the Bulletin Board.

1/12/05- Added new member Susan Rosenbaum Bosse's yearbook photo to the Mug Gallery.

1/04/05- Added first photo from the new year to the Bulletin Board.

12/16/04- Added Paul Perlow's photo of a computer of the future on Bulletin Board.

12/08/04- Identified #61 as Elizabeth "Bebe" Mitchell Barlow on the 30th Reunion Photo and added her name to the "Those We Remember Page."

12/07/04- Corrected #68 Unknown to Sharon Steinman instead of the #35 she was incorrectly identifed as on 30th Reunion Photo and updated individual member email address page to include most recent members.

12/06/04- Added new member Joyce Ritter Ulrich's yearbook photo to the Mug Gallery. Also posted Susan Smith's photo of herself and friends at Little Ladue on the Bulletin Board .

12/02/04- Added Richard Krause's dear at Forest Park on Bulletin Board.

12/01/04- Added Jeff Fink and wife at Marine Ball and Charlie McCowen's deer on Bulletin Board.

11/28/04- Added new member Charlene Cantanzaro Ryan's yearbook photo to the Mug Gallery.

11/07/04- Added Paul Perlow's visit with an icberg, Justin Mutrux's trek across Alaska, and Steve Harmon in Brazil to Bulletin Board.

11/02/04- Added new member Ed Soderstrom's yearbook photo to the Mug Gallery.

11/01/04- Added new member Sharon Steinman Stein's yearbook photo to the Mug Gallery. Posted 3 snapshots from Rebbie Hammerman Bates' voyage to Alaska on the Bulletin Board and added one of them to her permanent Snapshot Page. Also posted on the Bulletin Board is a non-partisan view of who will hopefully be the real winner of the presidential race.

10/12/04- Added Hundley Hecker-Franklin Barnes Mini Reunion to Bulletin Board and Mini-Reunion Page.

10/11/04- Added Nancy J. H. Powers wedding photos to Bulletin Board and added Justin Mutrux's pcitures and bio to his permanent Bio and Snaphot Page. All bio and snapshot pages are also accessible by clicking on the link (if in blue) below the mugs in the Mug Gallery.

10/06/04- Added current mug of Justin Mutrux to Mug Gallery and two snapshots to the Bulletin Board.

10/05/04- Added current mug of new member Jim Pollock to Mug Gallery

10/02/04- Added Harmon-Krause Summit photo and story to Bulletin Board .

9/14/04- Added Charlie McCowen's Beach Bum and comments to Bulletin Board .

9/06/04- Added new member Jim Pollock to the Mug Gallery

9/04/04- Added Chris Wolff's photo of hurricane and comments to Bulletin Board .

8/26/04- Added Jeff Finks weather vane to Bulletin Board .

8/20/04- Added Gary "Clambake" Pepper to Starshot page .

8/19/04- Added Charlie Mac poster to Starshot page .

8/18/04- Added July 4th photo from Charlie McCowen to Bulletin Board .

8/13/04- Added Purple Hearts and James Brennan's name to the "Those We Remember Page." And added Jeff Fink's bio page accessible thru the Mug Gallery  shot of him.

8/11/04- Added Darryl Johns name to the "Those We Remember Page."

8/08/04- Added Ladue News Card Player story featuring Susan Smith's father, four great pieces of Paul Perlow's Art and more of Nancy P.'s intriguing Cardinal Rookie Story to Bulletin Board .

8/07/04- Added Cardinal Rookies to Bulletin Board .

8/03/04- Added yearbook mug of new member Jeffrey Fink and current mug of Tom Houston to Mug Gallery

7/14/04- Added Gary Pepper and wife Alice in Paris to Bulletin Board .

7/13/04- Added Tom Houston and fiance Jennifer to Bulletin Board .

7/12/04- Added Noni Powers and new baby to Bulletin Board .

7/07/04- Added Riverboat Rahn in Letterjacket show to Bulletin Board.

6/26/04- Added photo from 6.25.04 mini-reunion at art musem to Mini Reunion Page and also current mugs of Susan Deibel and Peggy Hirsch to Mug Gallery .

5/04/04- Added newsclip of Nancy Power's poetry award to Bulletin Board .

4/27/04- Added photo taken at Nancy Power's poetry reading to Bulletin Board and also on the Mini-Reunions page.

4/26/04- Added two new current mugs, Connell and Krause, to Mug Gallery

4/20/04- Added two new Starshots.

4/13/04- Added David Hendin story from Ladue News to Bulletin Board.

4/10/04- Added Perlow Ellis Island picture (and another Krause self-portrait) to Bulletin Board.

4/07/04- Added Krause self-portrait to Bulletin Board.

3/15/04- Added 4 new photos from David Hendin's Jerusalem visit to Bulletin Board.

3/04/04- Added new inmate Peggy Hirsch to Mug Gallery.

2/23/04- Added 3 photos of David Hendin's Key West trip to Bulletin Board.

2/09/04- Added current mug of Lynn Friedman Plotkin to mug gallery.

2/05/04- Added two new photos to Bulletin Board.

2/02/04- Added new photo to Bulletin Board.

1/29/04- Added 3 photos to Bulletin Board.

1/27/04- Added snapshot of Randy Rahn's family on the beach, Team Rahn West.

1/24/04- Added current mug of Linda Franklin Barnes and changed name of Current Pictures page to Bulletin Board.

1/23/04- Added Hancy Handleman and Neil Alex current mugs and Nancy and Neil's snapshots. Also added a snapshot of Gary Pepper and his wife Alice and a Current Pictures page.

1/21/04- Added Hancy Handleman Powers and Gary Pepper to member email and city roster

1/20/04- Added a new Starshot. and recent mug of Gary Pepper to mug gallery.

1/20/04- Added yearbook mugs of Nancy Jo Handelman and Gary Pepper to mug gallery.

1/15/04- Added recent mugs of Carole Eron and Jim Gould to mug gallery.

1/13/04- Added Bill Godwin to mug gallery and member roster.

1/09/04- Added Justin Mutrux and Anne Skinner to mug gallery and member roster.

1/06/04- Added Smith-Lee Mini-reunion photo and a new Starshot.

1/01/04- Added new member Bob Kottmeir to mug gallery and member rooster.

12/28/03- Corrected 1993 Reunion Photo to show #12 is Karen Koch.

12/26/03- Added Tom Houston Starshot.

12/23/03- Added Steve Harmon Starshot and Tom Houston Bio.  Updated Membership Roster and 93 Reunion Photo Unknowns.

12/22/03- Added Marjorie Mitchell, Ed Shamski, and Tom Houston to Mug Gallery. Added Ed Shamski Bio. Added Charlie Lee Starshot.

12/15/03- Added numbers and names to 30th Reunion Photo.

12/13/03- Added new member Bob Rosenbloom to Mug Gallery and added Eric Friedman snapshots and Bob Rosenbloom bio.

12/06/03- Added new member Barry Sterneck to Mug Gallery and Membership Roster.

12/05/03- Added another Starshot .

12/04/03- Added Starshot and Rahn Reunion Photo. Added Yearbook Mugs of Carole Eron Pei, Jack Brown, and Dick Siegel to the Peanut Gallery.

12/02/03- Added Warren Wexler rcent mug and updated membership roster..

12/01/03- Added Charlie McCowen bio.  Updated member roster and email list.

11/29/03- Added newest recruit Charlie McCowen to Mug Gallery.  Added "Pennington Guise."

11/28/03- Added new Starshot.

11/26/03- Added recent Diana Moore mug to Mug Gallery and Snapshot, and removed picture of Pennington and Krause at the bar with empty bottles, as it was a gag.

11/25/03- Added recent Eric Friedman mug to Mug Gallery and added cities where members live to Member List Page.

11/23/03-Added Randee Morose to Mug gallery and updated membership email list.

11/22/03 - Added "What's New"selection at top of homepage and snapshot to Alan Cohn's bio page.  Posted new version of postcard.  Added list of those we remember.

11/21/03 - Added Mini-Reunion selection in homepage selection box and added Pennington-Krause Mini-Reunion to page.