Stellar Secrets

    You may have read some of the bios in the 1993 reunion booklet as we did. But we discovered very recently that many of our humble classmates had left out some of their more stellar exploits. Under the Freedom of Information Act our determined staff dug deep into the Horton Watkins Alumni Archives and came up with what we consider some very interesting pictures, posters, bookcovers, etc. There's a story behind each appearance, but we'll save that for later.


Jeffrey "Patton" Fink



Gary "Clambake" Pepper


Charles McCowen Montana



Nancy Handleman Powers Shakespeare



Grant Connell Franklin




Judie Woodman ~ "Worth and Friendship Glow Within"




Tom Houston ~ "The athlete, the scholar, the leader"




Steve Harmon ~ "Talks softly, but carries a big stick"




Charles Lee ~ "He possesses friendliness in it highest form."



Susan Smith ~ "She has a kind word for everybody and a smile for each."



Warren Wexler ~ "A man after his own heart."



Paul Perlow ~ "As an athlete quick is he, in helping friends much faster still."



Diana Moore ~ "Youth is the season for joys.."



Rick Pennington ~ "He is a man and whatever serves humanity is of interest to him."



David Hendin ~ "A boy that is truthful and willing to work."



Chris Wulff ~ "Big man with high ideals."



George Nelson ~ "He speaks little, but rides many things."



  Randy Rahn ~ "Every man dies, not every man truly lives."




 Susan Deibel ~ "Life without mirth is like a lamp without oil."


As group mechanic, I, Richard Krause, put together and posted all the Starshorts on this page, except this one. Paul Perlow did a beautiful job of creating it with help from Rick Pennington. Begrudgingly, I agreed to post it, before I saw it. Now that I see it I must admit I do like it, as far-fetched as it is. But I'm not too sure what a Samurai even is, other than it has something to do with a guy who swings swords, so I guess I'll have to see the movie and pretend I look like Tom Cruise.But, as a matter of fact my middle initial is S and Samuri sounds as good as Steven to me.


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