Chris  Wulff   Over The Years

1963 graduated from ladue high

1963 summer and winter at lincoln college

1964 one week in brooks inst of photography..santa barbra calif....real
bad motorcycle accident...returned after 10 recovery..

1965 working at mcdonnell douglas aircraft & space division as
photographer till 1970

1970 worked in wedding studio as color printer..then on road as sears
child photographer...towns in sears Chicago,nashville tenn, charleston
sc and miami.

1971 stayed in miami...worked in security with wackenhut security as
guard...posted hospital,boat docks,hotels,construction,and banks

1972 worked at coulter electronics in graphics camera....they build
blood analysis machines...that lasted till 1977

1977 went back to security this time for wells fargo and burns int
security...working again construction,,,private gated
dealerships...till 1983

1983 found me a private security job with apartment middle class
job....could take dog with me to work and what those people threw away
..when not busy i found really good treasures....boy at christmas time i
gave the best gifts from what i found .......that lasted 5 years
1988 went back to burns security...working a car lot

1992 survived hurricane andrew in my sister joans home but my mobile
home was destroyed..spent long hrs 14 each day and trying to clean up
mess and find new mobile home..good insurance got me another one i my
old neighborhood by airport where im at today still...
   other security post...after hurricane car dealerships,
apartments,business buildings, entimennes bakery...

2002 found a lump in my right side throat below ear...diagnosed as vagal
schwananoma..wrapped around 5 nerves in neck..very tricky surgery done
by the best ear nose throat surgeon at jackson hospital at miami....he
only got one nerve cut to my tongue on right side...i lost part of my
voice for 2 months and swallowing and talking was very took 7
months to get better....thru my wife of 6 years who is on disability
with social security we applied for disability now in my 11
month of no work..disability is now in a lawyers hands and we are
waiting for out come.....

   married as i said 6 years to a girl i met down here in miami...have
another dog..4 outside cats ...2 fish tanks...wonderful
weather..beautiful beaches only 15 min of my 2 sisters and
her kids live in other siblings are in
ariz--chicago--Wisconsin  who i visit by flying there on vacations...


Here is an old photo (67) of me in my white room getup at
Mcdonnell Douglas. This is what you had to wear to get into the space
room to shoot the Gemini.


Here I am by the gemini spacecraft at Mcdonnell Douglas....1967.

Here I am by the last gemini 12 built on its way to the cape in
fla....this is in the white room...thats why I'm dressed up in clean
clothes......thats my 4x5 camera we used....i called it my mathew brady
camera...he shot picts in the civil was my joke for using
such a large film format to take pictures.



Here I am by the mercury one man spacecraft


Here I am by the Spirit of St Louis a copy kept by Mcdonnell
Douglas ...used in the movie of Lindburgh's solo flight to Paris by actor
Jimmy Stewart.who we met later in person at the clayton road golf
club and traded bullshit with.


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