Ed Shamski Over The Years


Went to Carleton College for 4 years where I was a bio major. Turned
down Med School and ended up going to Hunter School of Social Work in NYC for
three years. Loved the city that never sleeps and had some exciting times doing
off-Broadway plays (lighting) and working with street gangs. Married a woman
from Virginia and we moved back to St. Louis. Spent many years there doing
psychotherapy. After three years, wife and I divorced and a few years later met
my present wife who is a nurse/MSW. Moved to New Jersey where we lived on the
Jersey Shore for five years running a family & children's service and continuing
a private practice in psychotherapy. Moved to Harwich on Cape Cod where we
lived for about 17 years and did the same. Took a brief job in Enfield, CT
running a mental health center; then finally switched to a new career as a
licensed nursing home administrator. We moved off-Cape to Mattapoisett 10 years
ago. Retired last December 1, but it only lasted 6 months. Suppose I'm a
glutton for punishment! Now running a home in Hyannis. Have 4 kids, 3 have
finished college; and the 4th (only girl born on my 40th birthday) just started
nursing school at U Mass Boston. My father died about 18 years ago; Mom died 2
years ago this coming May. Have been going to the Florida Keys as my escape for
the past 35 years. Parents had a house at Ocean Reef in Key Largo which I
recently sold and bought a small condo there. Ultimately, would like a house
further down in the Keys where I can kayak and bone fish. Almost croaked a
couple of years ago at a facility Christmas party when I had a sudden asthma
attack, and I haven't had asthma since I was a young kid. Scary, but I'm on the
way back. Was a marathoner for many years, but now, 3 miles is a challenge!




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