Bob Rosenbloom Over The Years


I'll try to give a more complete autobiography at a future date, but for the moment let me just summarize by saying that I live in Ossining, NY (in Westchester County, along the Hudson River, 30 miles north of New York City). I live here with my wife of almost 31 years
(Lisa). We're now empty nesters with two children: a son, 24, who works for
a nonprofit in New York City, having graduated several years ago from Oberlin
College; and a daughter, 20, who is a junior at Oberlin. Lisa is the fundraiser
for a nonprofit, pro-bono law firm in White Plains, NY, and I commute every
day into "the City," where I am responsible for the national and international
philanthropy programs at JPMorgan Chase Bank. We're a family that big into
nonprofits! I want to thank Rick Pennington for calling to tell me about
this site. More at some future time. Bob




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