Rick Pennington Over The Years


BA, Vanderbilt 1967; MBA,

Washington University 1969;

25 years in corporate marketing management jobs in Kansas City, Pittsburgh and Oil City, PA;

8 years as a personal financial planner in St. Louis.

Retired 2001;

Married to Cynthia (met on a blind date) since 1976; one child, Sarah, 22, a 2003 grad of Illinois Wesleyan Univ., now working for Bank of America in STL

Free time devoted to volunteer work, reading and occasional financial consulting..



"The Pennington Guise"

First, you'll see Rick with needless glasses and latex hair cover in place (as he usually appears in public to avoid the papperazi), then with glasses removed, then with latex scalp cover removed, and finally the real Rick Pennington after a bit of a facial massage to gey rid of intentional bloating. Click here to view the animated truth.



Rick wrote in a letter with the photo aboce, "In case there's any question, I'm the one wearing the glasses."


Here's Rick awhile ago with wife Cynthia in a family way.



And a couple decades later here is Rick and Cynthia wiith their daughter Sarah (the result of Cynthia having been in a family way).



Here's Sarah today. Pictures speak better than words.





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