David Nixon Over The Years


After high school, I attended and graduated from the University of
Colorado in Boulder. Then, thanks to ROTC it was into the Army for two years. In the Army's infinite wisdom, they sent me to Germany instead of Viet Nam, where I met my wife to be. She was a St. Louis girl, of all things, teaching for the Department of Defense in Frankfurt. After I finished my hitch in the Army, we married in 1970 and moved to San Jose, CA where she got her Masters Degree in Education.

We moved to the Denver, Colorado area in 1971, and have been in various homes in this area ever since. After some grad school, I began to work in the beverage business. First wine, then soft drinks. About 14 years ago, though, I bought a small picture framing business and gallery. The business is called Frame It For Less/Pictures of Colorado Gallery and it still keeps me very busy (and poor).

My wife, Norma, has retired from teaching after 35 years, but I may
never retire! We have two grown daughters, the oldest married and
living in Castle Rock, CO and the youngest is living in the San Diego
area. Although the kids are gone now, we still do family things as much as possible.

We currently live near Franktown, CO about 35 miles southeast of Denver and I commute to my business located in the suburb of Centennial (near Aurora).


Here's a snapshot taken at a friend's wedding last night. (11/15/03)
In the group picture, left to right, are my daughter, Audrey, her
husband, Sam, my daughter, Hilary, me and my wife, Norma.



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