Recent Mini-Reunions


On 10/11/04 Nancy Hundley Hecker writes, "Hi all. Just had a really nice visit with Linda Franklin Barnes down in Dallas/Fort Worth while there with my group on "Boots and Bowties" tour. We met up at the new Gaylord Texan hotel for a drink on Saturday afternoon in between tour activities. It was great to get together. Linda brought her husband, Jim. I didn't realize he was also a Ladue alum. Took me a minute of looking at him, and then I recognized that yes I remembered knowing him! I think they enjoyed seeing the new hotel with its Texas theme. Anyway, we caught up with a lot of years. Linda works for Plano Police Dept in Public Safety. I could tell she enjoys her job and is really good at it. We took a couple of pictures to post in the mini-reunion section. Diana Moore....sorry we missed you. You moved back to St. Louis too soon....but hope to see you there some time. Linda and Jim, thanks for the drink....and for driving all the way over to see me! Here come the pictures. They're not the greatest...but not too bad. That's not the real Alamo in the background. :) The hotel has three atriums...the Lone Star tower with replica of the Alamo....the Riverwalk atrium with replica of the Riverwalk.....and the Hill Country Atrium. Gaylord properties are they really play their theme. This one just opened in April, and they're doing well!"




On October 2, 2004, Pittsburgh University Historian Steve Harmon and St. Louis Hysterian Richard Krause met at Talayna's (Hebrew for Italy) Restaurant (across from where the Stardust Burlesque Theater once stood and Evelyn West's highly touted Treasure Chest once resided) in St. Louis...for what turned out to be a successful and most enjoyable summit meeting, the first one after 41 years of detente'. No treasure chest was uncovered but Steve and Richard had a great time agreeing on what a miracle it was the way the Cold War ended. After a spontaneous photo op, both would-be gladiators of justice whisked away to their chosen destinations. Professor Harmon to his home in Pittsburgh, Kansas...and Ex-spurt Krause to give his mother a ride to Harrah's St. Louis casino where she still swears she wins more at blackjack than she loses. Lest the world worry, a second summit is already in the planning and will hopefully include additional ambassadors from the class of '63. Krause commented to a usually reliable source (the same one Dan Rather too often relied on), "This first post-Cold War summit was so electrifyingly successful I felt as if my hair was about to stand on end."




6/25/04 at the back entrance to the St. Louis Art Museum after a 3-hour Dinner at Five. Front row: Nancy Handleman Powers, Peggy Hirsch Remis.  Back row: Rick Pennington, Susan Deibel Renz, Richard Krause (wearing the same shirt he wore in the picture at the very bottom of this page). At least it's good to see Rick Pennington changes his shirt once in awhile. I guess they taught him that on the football team.



Krause, Powers, and Pennington photo op after Nancy's insightful and very animated poetry reading at Duffy's in St. Louis on 4/26/04.



Smith-Lee Reunion

On the dock of eternal youth, Susan Smith and Charles Lee meet as 2003 turns to 2004. But from the looks of them both it looks more like the photo was taken back in '63, or maybe '73 at the latest.




The Rahn Reunion

Left to right back row: Randy Rahn, Richard Krause, Rick Pennington, Terry Blake, and of course George "in the front row kneeling" Nelson, circa December 2003 at the home of the very gracious Gary Griffin ('62) and his wonderful wife.


Nancy Hundley Hecker and husband with Charles Lee in center, circa October 2003


After-lunch photo op at the Pennington-Krause mini-reunion at Schneithorsts, circa November 2003.