Tom Houston Over The Years



40 year re-cap

7 years of school -- Princeton University & Stanford Law School

2 years military ­ special ambassadorial courier, Heidelberg, Germany

14 years in government service including stints at the White House, as a Cabinet Official for Governor Jerry Brown in California, Deputy Mayor & Chief of Staff of the City of Los Angeles during the 1984 LA Olympics, President of the Los Angeles Environmental Quality (oxy moron), and unsuccessful candidate for LA Mayor. Wrote and lead the campaign for three major ballot initiatives in California including Proposition 65 "The Safe Drinking and Toxics Initiative" and Proposition 116 "The Rail Bond and Mass Transit Initiative". Lead diplomatic trips to China, Brunei, Singapore, South Africa, Jordan/Israel, Thailand, New Zealand and Australia.

11 years practicing law. Senior partner Carlsmith Ball -- a Pacific Rim law firm with major offices in Honolulu, Los Angeles, Mexico City and Washington D.C. specializing in securities, large-scale real estate development, political, environmental and transportation law.

6 years leading non-profit organizations including the Josepheson Institute of Ethics and the International SeaKeepers Society ( Lot's of publications, op- ed pieces, etc.

Married twice and divorced. Currently in a 10 year relationship with an entrepreneur and TV commentator, Jennifer Openshaw. Two children: Janice a psychologist in Pasadena, CA and Mike a PhD student in computer science at Stanford University. Homes in Playa Del Rey, CA and Miami, FL. Hobbies include scuba diving, leading African safaris, and world travel. I am sometimes in St. Louis where my mother (age 89) and sister (Sally Houston Altemeyer) still live. I would enjoy hooking up with Ladue 63 classmates when in town.



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