Charlie McCowen Over The Years


Charlie writes:

After High school, Linn Tech, Degree in electronics, Air Force 1966-1970, spent year in Mississippi, year Sacramento Cal., year in Turkey, last year in Portsmoth NH. Met very nice girl while going to Linn Tech., married in 1967 and still today, her name is NEET, and she is too. Lived in Sedalia 26 years, 1971-1997. Managed a Rental Store, then bought it, worked 8 days a week for 10 years and sold it, too much work and everything else, made money but life is too short !!!! 2 kids, Kelly 33, married with 2 kids, Carly 3 1/2, Ryan 1 1/2. Kelly was born in Kittery Maine, Air Force. Son, Kyle, 26, he is adopted from birth, Neet had too much trouble being PG. Kyle is getting married on Jan 17, 04 in Jamaica, we'er all going, will be a nice place to be in Jan. Kyle just bought a house in Afton. We move to Jeff City in 1997, have been a state worker for 13 years and like it, looking forward to retirement in 7 years, shorts and T-shirts would be the dress of the day. We have a place on the Osage/Missouri river, spend LOTS of time there in spring-summer. Travel the rivers with speed boat and Jet Ski, its awesome, anyone would be more than welcome to come visit this summer if you like that sort of thing.



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