"Let the Sun Shine In"

Above is the Official St. Louis Forecast for Reunion Weekend. A bit of meteorologic extrapolation (or is it interploation??) will place the temperature at 6:30 pm at about 71 for Friday and 67 for Saturday.

Ladue's very own "Sunshine Choir"


Please address all correspondence regarding the reunion or reunion booklet to
Gary Handelman, 435 Tregaron Place, St. Louis, MO 63131
To send an email to the Reunion Committee
Click Here.

Visit to High School just added to the Agenda.

On 9/20/05, Rick Pennington announced: "The Committee has arranged to have the High School open from 11am to 2pm on Saturday (October 15) in case you'd like to wander the old halls or visit the new additions. No food or drink is planned, just an opportunity to see if your locker combination still works...No reservations are required...stop by if you are so inclined. Park either on the old south lot or the lot north of the school and come in via the main entrance. The cafeteria will probably be the central gathering place, but look for signs just in case it isn't. Feel free to bring your own morning coffee or a Steakburger and Shake. Tunes will be provided in the cafeteria."

Prepare for a Ram-Charged October 14th, 15th, and 16th in the year 2005!!

Above are two samples of the souvenir-grade nametags which will be given to all attending. Nametags with your own name and photo are $10 extra. Just kidding!

Check back on this page periodically to see the list of who will be at the festivities.
As of
10/12/05 the following 80 or so classmates will be at the reunion:     
photo not yet available


Susan Asher Wolf
Missy Bence Schmidt

Beth Woods Bradbury
Charlene Catanzaro Ryan
Thom Clark
Grant Connell

Michael "Skip" Corn

Terry Crouppen

Susan Diebel Renz
Gene Deutsch
Bob Dolson
Jeff Fink
Joan Frager Silber
Bob Frank

Eric Friedman
Jules Gitlin
Bill Godwin
Susan Goldman Sokolik

Jim Gould
Gary Handelman
Rebbie Hammerman Bates
Nancy Handelman Powers
Steve Harmon
David Hendin
Nancy Heyward Duke

Peggy Hirsch Remis
Mark Hirschfeld
Nancy Hundley Hecker
Louis Jarodsky
John Kerr

Susan Koplar Brown
Bob Kottmeier
Judy Kraeuchi Graham
Richard Krause
Charlie Lee

Steve Lochmoeller
John MacDonald
Rick Lampertz

Sue Lasky Rohling
Ginger Marion Lochmoeller
Barry Masters
Becky Maxwell Bopp
David Millman
Marjorie Mitchell Weinstein
Justin Mutrux

George Nelson
Susan Newman Brown
Jeffrey Nusbaum
Bill Odell
Rick Pennington
Gary Pepper

John Percy
Mary Beth Petchaft Adelman
Paul Perlow
Randy Rahn
John Reichman

Joyce Ritter Ulrich
Susan Rosenbaum Bosse
David Rosenfield
Gracie Rosenthal Brod
Carol Rubenstein Crouppen

Austin Rust

Sue Schiffer Miller

Allan Silverberg
Mickey Silverman Roth

Joan Sachse Kesler
John Schaumburg

Dan Sheets
Dick Siegel
Susan Smith
Ted Staley
Martha Steinman Ballard
Sharon Steinman Stein
Richard Stein
Eileen Svarin Schneiderman
Carol Tanzer Johnson
Nila Vouga Morris
Myra Warshafsky Radinski
Sandy Wax

Ed Weiss
De Weissman Schneider
Sara Yeager Polley
Eleanor Zimring Rosenbaum
Attending Party Physician, Dr. Richard Kimble


Thanks to the writing efforts of Nancy Handleman Powers, and the organizational and planning efforts of Rick Pennington, Sue Schiffer Miller, Gene Deutsch, Gary Handelman, John McDonald, Gracie Rosenthal Brod, Susan Smith, and the rest of the Reunion Committee, the invitation below was mailed to over 250 classmates.

Also enclosed in the mailing is a Reunion Booklet form as shown in truncated form below, for you to return whether you plan on attending the reunion or not...or your diploma may be revoked without further notice.

Note: If you do not receive this invitation, check your mailbox again, then click on the link immediately below and send us your correct mailing address.



To directly contact the Reunion Committee with your Questions or Suggestions Click Here


Below are scans of the pages of our
1963 Commencement Program
(dutifully archived by Rick Pennington)
and all members are encouraged to submit images of their own archival materials





Below we find an original box of 100 actual namecards that were to be inserted in the commencement invitations. The still-full box was archived by an anonymous student who asks to remain nameless.