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Friday Night at Dear Creek Club

Photos by Kate Porter



Terry Crouppen and friend


John Percy. Jeff Nusbaum, John Reichman


Katy and John Macdonald; Terry Crouppen and friend; Grant Connell, Richard Krause


Allan Silverberg, Sue Rosenbaum, Carol Rubenstein, Lisa Silverberg


Sharon Steinman, Allan and Lisa Silverberg



Skip Corn and Ted Staley


Sue Lasky, Nila Vouga and husband Ed Morris


Charlene Catanzaro, Sarah and father Rick Pennington


Jeff Nusbaum (back to camera) and Charlie Lee


Nancy Jo Handelman, John Kerr, and the Silverbergs


Marjorie Mitchell's husband Harold Weinstein and Judy Krauechi


Jules Gitlin, David Hendin, Skip Corn



Steve Harmon, Justin Mutrux, Rebbie Hammerman


Rick Pennington and Ed Sommerlath


Barry Masters, David Millman, John Reichman


John Percy and Bill Odell


John, Sue, and Ted


Richard Krause tells Barry Master's friend about his (Richard's) 427 Yenko Camaro



Ted Staley holding up the bar



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