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Friday Night at Dear Creek Club

Photos by Kate Porter



Steve Radinsky with wife Myra Warshafsky




Justin Mutrux giving some p.r. advice to Rick Pennington


John Schaumburg, Carol Rubentstein


Lou Jarodsky


Susan Rosenbaum and Dick Siegel



Lisa and Allan Silverberg


Mark Hirschfeld and wife Adrienne



Kathy and John Macdonald


David Millman and Steve Harmon


Becky Maxwell and Charlene Catanzaro


John Schaumburg and Nancy Jo Handelman remembering The Way It Was


John Kerr and Paul Perlow



Ed Somerlath, Jeff Nusbaum barely visible, John Reichman, and Susan Smith in profile


Barry Masters and her friend


Skip Corn and wife Carolyn


John Reichman, Sue Lasky, Randy Rahn


Nila Vouga with husband Ed Morris and Ed Sommerlath


Gary Handelman, Sharon Steinman, Ronni Handelman, Myra Warshafsky, unidentified


Steve and Myra Radinsky


Nancy Hundley and her husband Bill Hecker listening to Sandy Wax describe his aproach to painless dentistry


Justin and Carol, John and Nancy Jo



Rich Miller and Susan Koplar




Susan Rosenbaum and Skip Corn...??





Guesss who?

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