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Friday Night at Dear Creek Club

Photos by Kate Porter



Eric Friedman and David Millman


Sydney and Ed Weiss and Paul Perlow


Randy Rahn with Terry Crouppen and friend


Bob Dolson and wife Jeannie, Skip and Carolyn Corn


David Hendin with Sharon Steinman and Susan Rosenbaum



Steve Loechmoeller and Ed Sommerlath


Jeff Nusbaum and John Reichman


Eric Friedman, David Millman listening attentively to Mary Ann Mutrux



Rebbie Hammerman revealing her definitive Unified Wave Theory to husband Bill Bates and Paul Perlow


Joyce Ritter, Eric Frieddman, Steve Harmon, Richard Stein, Rich Miller and Sue Schiffer Miller



Katy Macdonald, John Macdonald, Ed Somerlath, Susan Smith, Gene Deutsch


Sydney and Ed Weiss


Mrs. and Mr. Bill Godwin


Rick Pennington getting the straight scoop from Gene Deutsch


Sue Smith teaching Ted Staley the Hava Nagila


Alan Silberberg and wife Lisa with John Percy


John Percy and Jeff Nusbaum


John Macdonald and Grant Connell listening to Richard Krause complain about the Moped he bought from John 45 years ago


Sharon Steinman showing Sue Rosenbaum how to get the last drop out of a lemon


Ed Weiss and David Millman listening to Rebbie Hammerman revise her Unified Wave Theory


Terry Crouppen, David Hendin, Ginger Marion


Nancy Hundley and her husband Bill Hecker with John Schaumberg


Justin Mutrux and wife Mary Ann


Sandy Wax and Thom Clark





David Millman


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