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Friday at Deer Creek Club

Photos by Grant Connell


gcf1: (looking down with white beard) Ed Sommerlath; grey shirt unknown; black shirt Jeff Nusbaum; in grey sweater with half head hidden, John Reichman



gcf2: orange and yellow-green blouse Barry Masters; standing is Jeff Fink



gcf3: left in grey shirt Allan Silverberg, in black shirt is Terry Crouppen, far right is Myra Warshafsky



gcf4: in foreground at table on right, Charlie Lee Nancy Hundley, Bill Hecker, back to camera is David Hendin



gcf5: in black polka dot blouse is Beth Woods, Rita and Dan Sheets



gcf6: left to right, Susan Deibel, Peggy Hirsch, Thom Clark, Gary Pepper, Ginger Marion, Steve Lochmoeller



gcf7: Sue Koplar and husband Peter Brown, Susan Deibel



gcf8: Lou Jarodsky, John Kerr, Judy Kraeuchi




gcf9: Justin Mutrux, Rick Pennington, Richard Stein, Joyce Ritter



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