Bulletin Board (for photos and messages or any other bulletins by any member). Send them to Richard Krause at originaldo@aol.com

or mail them to Richard Krause, 2402B Rustic Ridge, St. Louis, Mo. 63114 and he will return them after scanning them. Or call Richard anytime for any reason or no reason at 314-803-4036.





Below are two wonderful vintage mystery photos. The first is an Hawaiian Party and below that is a Confirmation Party. George Nelson will explain the mystery behind these two photos.





On 9/17/12 Judy Kraeuchi Graham writes: I found a pic of 5th grade girls that I had actually labeled. Thought you'd enjoy. Gotta love the bobby sox, petticoats, and saddle shoes!

Conway School 5th grade girls

Row 1 Linda Marion (Ginger's sister), who was in 4th grade
Row 2 Kathy Jo Fingerhut, Donna Dietrich, Judy Marx, Ann Skinner, Cathy
Captain, Judy Woodman, Lesley Tureen
Row 3 Bobbie Knowlton, Jean Cottrill, Ginger Marion, Jean Pape, Martha
Steinman, Judy Kraeuchi, Karen Koch.

On 7/3/12 Judy Kraeuchi Graham writes: Here is a pic I took of Preston and Iris Koprivica with Bill last week when they came over for dinner.
They travel and go everywhere, one night after the other! They look fantastic.

On 3/27/12 Steve Harmon writes: Here are the photos I took on the Pont de la Tournelle. No champaign at mignight, but I was with my lady love, Olive. We couldn't get both of us in the same frame because we didn't see a handy Japanese tourist to ask to take the
photo. We were in Paris last week for an international journalism conference. Oliveteaches journalism at MSSU in Joplin. I hope you like the photos. I like Paul's suggestion that we make the Pont de la Tournelle our class bridge. Maybe other classmates who visit Paris will have similar photos taken for posting.







On 1/1/12 Paul Perlow writes: Hi All

I was on Pont Rue des Tounelle as 2011 became 2012. I toast to you and all my friends, Best wishes for the New Year!

With Love,



On 2/7/12 David Hendin writes: hi everyone. i just wanted you to see for yourselves that it is possible to teach an old dog new tricks. some may remember my earlier incarnation as a magician. i dusted off the old me last month to perform at a gala banquet at our own Waldorf Astoria Hotel and attached is a proof. who is doing the 50th reunion? xo to all, david

12/21/10 Eric Friedman writes: "I had the great pleasure of being with Joan Frager Silber tonight at a winter solstice party. ( "Your ray of light shall shine even after the curtain descends", Rambler "63 and I thought it unfair to quote hers and not mine " A man is a worker, if is not that, he is nothing." ) And here is a picture of us. Best Wishes for a Happy and Healthy Holiday and New Year to all."

12/16/10 Judy Kraeuchi Graham writes: "I came across these photos of our car decorated for the 1961 Conway School parade - my brother was still in grade school. Here's to a great New Year for us all!"

11/21/10 Eric Friedman writes: "Mini reunion. Neighborhood Potluck at Eric Friedman & Miriam Wilhelm's at 7010 Washington. Grace Rosenthal Brod's daughter Jessica moved in directly behind us with her husband Andrew Millner, an artist and two great son's Eli & Zach. We had a small neighborhood potluck for them to meet some other neighbors. And That is the source of this picture (of Grace and myself) taken last Sunday when Grace joined us. It was a wonderful evening.

Yesterday, 5/26/10, I emailed Judy Kraeuchi and asked her if she had any old photos of the Bonneville her husband Bill Graham rode to school everyday and parked on the side of the school where myself and others were free to drool every morning. I received the following reply and two photos this morning from Billy:

Hey Richard here you go.

Judy and I. Ahhh sweet 16 and in love--and still very much in love

Just me- The Wild One




5/20/10 Judy Kraeuchi Graham writes:

Hi Everybody,,

A clip of this You Tube video was shown on tonight's news. It was made
by Ladue High School teachers in response to a student's request that
they make a video showing what they do when students leave.
The news said it had a ton of hits on You Tube and had gained
international attention.

click on still frame above to go to youtube video

Halls much the same. Teachers
much different. :)

Hope all is well with everybody.



4/24/10 Judy Kraeuchi Graham writes:

Here are some pics of Preston and Iris Koprivica at our daughter's wedding, June 28, 2008. They will be home in the next several weeks after spending 2 months in Mexico. Iris made Preston shave off his flat top for the occasion:-)






4/20/10 Steve Harmon writes: Classmates, I was in St. Louis over the weekend for a memorial service for my Aunt Catherine of U.City, who died in January. Sorry I didn't get a chance to make contact with any of my old friends. It was a quick trip and not the best of circumstances. However, we did manage to squeeze in a dinner at Ragazzi's. The photo I'm sending you is of myself along with my sister Suzy Harmon Olsen (Ladue 62) and my cousin Andy Jameton (Country Day 61, and former husband of Beth Milstone of Ladue). We had a very nice dinner, with a Cardinals game on the TV and lots of jovial parties enjoying some really good St. Louis Italian food, including several groups of girls in prom dresses. It was a very nice evening. I'll be in touch. Your friend and classmate, Steve

1/17/10 Eric Friedman writes: A mini Little Ladue reunion in Longboat Key, Florida. Susan Smith, Sunny Dubinsky Pervil, Alan Pervil, Eric Friedman. Sent from my Treo™ Pro on the Now Network™ from Sprint®

1/13/10. Steve Harmon writes: My son James graduated from the University of Hawaii in December.  He graduated with a dual major in Environmental Management and French and with a 3.35 GPA.  Needless to say, I am very proud of him.  I went there for the graduation, as did my other son Cyrus, along with his wife and two kids, and my daughter Mariam, James's half-sister.  We had a very nice family reunion in addition to the graduation celebration.  I stayed through Christmas.  80 degrees all the way.  I'm attaching some photos. Happy New Year to you all, Steve.





On Saturday Jan. 9, 2010, we had lunch at Wong's in Clayton and immediately below are six pictures taken by olympic golfer Rick Pennington and one by world class bicyclist George Nelson.













On Sunday May 18, 2008, we had a picnic at Tilles Park and immediately below are 7 pictures taken by attendee Rick Pennington.

Above, on the far end of the table we see John MacDonald, Becky Maxwell Bopp, and the top of Richard Krause's head quite possibly discussing the pros and cons of eating with food in your mouth.  On the near end of the table we see Cynthia Pennington and Jeff Fink quite possibly discussing the pros and cons of talking with your mouth open.


Above we see Richard Stein, Joyce Ritter Ulrich, and Nancy Jo Handleman Pritchard quite possibly asking photographer Rick why it's taking him so long for to figure out which side of the camera to point at them.


Above we see Rick Friedman explaining to Becky Maxwell Bopp the pros and cons of actually exposing sun tea to the sun.


Above we see John MacDonald, George Nelson, Jeff Fink, Terry Blake and Joyce's husband Dick Ulrich reportedly debating whether they should cook the brautwurst before they eat it or after they eat it.


Above we see Richard Krause demonstrating the camera he claims he invented which takes two pictures at once...one of the subjects (Nancy Jo and her husband Luke Pritchard) and another picture of both himself and the subjects from any angle desired.  Krause calls the camera which he says Can do almost anything, the CanCam.


Above we see Richard Krause, Jeff Fink, Terry Blake, Dick Ulrich and George Nelson and John MacDonald's back. It seems as if Terry Blake is telling George Nelson that if he knows what's good for him now that he's getting older he better start riding his bicycle 150 miles a day instead of just the 50 miles he does now.


Above we see Skip Corn, Nancy Jo, Joyce, and Barb Nelson's back sampling what could have been sauteed tidbits of George Nelson's marinated bicycle tire.



On May 9, 2008, Classmate Steve Harmon writes, "I'm sending some pics of my recent trip to Torino. I was there last month participating in a workshop on terrorism and Islamic radicalism sponsored by a UN committee. I was one of only 2 Americans at the conference. It was quite an experience. The UN paid for everything. Torino is very different from other Italian cities that I've visited. It seemed more like a French city. But the food and atmosphere was all Italian. I'm attaching some pics. Here is a link to an article from the Joplin Globe about my trip and the workshop."

Arcade Outside Hotel


My Kind of Bar


Steve in Covino


Torino Courtyard

Below is a photo I found in my camera after the Wong Reunion. Notice the two Wong Ladies (appropriately dressed in white and blue) standing on the sidewalk who seem to be waiting to greet everybody. They look somehow familiar. Look at the closeup second photo and they look even more familiar. I wonder who they could be?? The Wong Lady on the left looks somehow similar to the young lady on the right in the California Clambake photo immediately below it (third picture down from here).

Below are eight fine photos by Rebbie Hammerman Bates and her husbad Bill. The first two are of a dinner they had with Noelle (formerly Noel) Schattyn Soren and her husband David in Tucson. And the six below that are photos from the Dec. 01 Clambake.

Above is Rebbie and Noelle.


And this is Noelle and her husband.


Above is Carole, Sue and her husband, and Rebbie.


Above we see Randy and Rhonda.


Above is John Kerr and Bill Godwin.


Above is Carole, Bill Godwin, and Randy Rahn.


And this is Carole and her son David.



Above we see Tom Houston and John Kerr conferring.



Below are five really nice photos by Randochrome Rahn of the Dec. 01, 2007 West Coast Clambake:


Above we see the whole crew. From lef to right: Carole Eron Pei, Sue Goldfarb Shreiber's husband Phil, Sue Goldfarb Shreiber, Rebbie Hammerman Bates and her husband Bill, Randy Rahn's wife Rhonda, Tom Houston, John kerr, Bill Godwin, and Randy Rahn's plate resting on his old gym towel I guess. And the two photos below are closeups of each side of the clambake table (with Randy taking Rhonda's place).


Above we see this side of the table's reaction to Randy's possible announcement that the clams haven't yet arrived for the Clambake.


Above we see the other side of the table's mixed reaction to Rhonda's possible announcement that Rebbie brought a boat load of fresh seaweed burgers for everybody to enjoy.


Here we see Rebbie Hammeman Bates and Bill Godwin possibly discussing the feasibility of Preston Koprivika's cold fusion engine as a partial cure for the world's energy crisis.


And here we see Carole Eron Pei listening attentatively as Sue Goldfarb Schreiber possibly describes how big the Federal Deficit will get if Koprivika's cold fusion engine doesn't pan out.


Above is a wonderful Harmon family photo from an early 1950's winter. It's unbelievable how little Steve has changed (second from left) and it's always good to remember our teacher, Steve's father Mr. Harmon. On 12.07.07 Steve writes, "I am just winding down the semester and getting ready to head to sunny California to spend Christmas with my two sons and my two grandchildren, my first Christmas ever with my grandchildren. As you can imagine, I'm very much looking forward to it. "


Five photographs below courtesy of Gary Pepper, formerly of Hawaii and now residing in California.

Above we see Tom Houston, Gary Pepper, Randy Rahn, and Carole Eron Pei at their 8.05.07 West Coast Mini-Reunion.


Carole "blue eyes sparkling brighter than ever" Eron Pei


Tom "looking the same as he did 45 years ago" Houston


Above we see Gary Pepper's two grandaughters and below is Gary's son who is a Rabbi.




On 5/31/07 Nancy Jo Handleman Pritchard writes: Back home after a wonderful wedding trip to South Carolina--all our children and grandchildren, siblings and spouses in tow. It went too fast!
Enjoy the pictures--I'll send a couple more later...


On 5/31/07 Steve Harmon writes: Randy,

I too have some recent family pics. They are of a
recent graduation and get-together in California.
I'll send them to Richard and see if he'll put them up
on the Bulletin Board. I just tried to send them out
on the yahoo group, but they came back saying the file
was too big.

I can't resist bragging on my son Cyrus who
just graduated from the U. of California at Berkeley
with his Ph.D. in MCB (Molecular and Cellular
Biology). I was in Berkeley last week for the
ceremony. Naturally, I'm including some pics. While
I'm at it, I'm throwing in a couple of his kids, my
grandkids, Olivia and Mark. While I was in Berkeley,
Cyrus took me to his new office and lab in San
Francisco where he and a colleague are starting up a
biotech business devoted to developing breast cancer
treatments and preventatives. They are working on
what is called combination therapies. Also in one of
the pics is my other son James, who is in his third
year at the U. of Hawaii.






On 1.29.07, Steve Harmon writes:

I was in Cancun earlier this month. I was invited
there to attend a wedding by my step-mother Hope, whom
most of you remember as Miss Medina. The bride was
one of Hope's nieces. I didn't really know either her
or the groom, but it was good to see Hope again and to
see many of her relatives whom I have met over the
years. We had a very nice time. We stayed at a
really posh hotel and had some great food. The
ceremony was outdoors with the warm winter wind
rolling in off of the Caribbean. Very charming. I'm
attaching some photos from the reception and banquet.
Hope is the one in the white hat, and I'm the guy in
the dark suit. One of the shots is of the bride and
her father. I'm also attaching one of Hope and some
of her nephews. She never had children of her own,
except for one daughter who died at age 7. Hope is
clearly the matriarch of her family. To them she is
known as Tia Nena. She is a very successful business
woman and real estate developer. My father once said
of her, "Everything she touches turns to gold." It
was very good to see her again.    Steve

And below are his four photos:



From Nancy Jo Powers:

You're invited to a night of poetry, food, music and conversation!

Friday, Nov. 10 at MadArt Gallery, 2727 S. 12th Street (corner of Lynch and 12th, just behind the brewery). Doors open at 7 p.m.
Nine poets (including Nancy Jo) to read and entertain you with slight of word and metrical marvels...as seen on the MadArt Web site:
Poetry Reading
November 10, 2006
Doors 7PM

Please join us as we host a poetry night with nine local poets.

Nancy Powers is a working journalist and a Springboard to Leaning specialist teaching poetry to middle-schoolers in the St. Louis Public Schools. She received an MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Poems have appeared in MankatoPoetry Review, Fugue, Fan Magazine, PMS (Poem, Memoir, Story), Small Spiral Notebook, Main Channel Voices,  Melic Review, Poetry Southeast and New Harvest: An Anthology of St. Louis Jewish Writers. She is a two-time winner of the Wednesday Club Poetry Prize. Hey, everything isn't autobiographical. She has a vivid imagination.

Amy Debrecht received her MFA from UM-St. Louis and currently serves as a poetry editor, summer reading series coordinator and board member for Rivery Styx Literary Magazine.  She's been published in Sou'wester, Poet Lore and Flint Hills Review
George Fortier is an economic editor at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. (Cooler than it sounds, but not much.) His poems appear in MARGIE: The American Journal of Poetry, the Sonora, Cortland, Potomac, and Crab Creek reviews, and elsewhere. Oddly, a nursing program uses one of his published poems in their curriculum. He's too old to read anymore for the Hungry Young Poets series, but every couple of years he gets prize money from the generous women of Ladue's Wednesday Club. He's now working on the "New and Emerging Writers" issue of Natural Bridge while finishing up his MFA at UMSL. His three babies are "active." His wife is supernatural.

Robert Lowes is a journalist at a physicians' magazine called Medical Economics and a student in the MFA creative writing program at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. His work has appeared in such journals as The New Republic, The Christian Century, The Tampa Review, and Sentence: A Journal of Prose Poetics. He won the graduate poetry prize at the University of Missouri-St. Louis in 2005 and 2006.
Kenneth E. Harrison, Jr. is a graduate research assistant in the MFA Creative Writing Program at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, where he serves as editor for NATURAL BRIDGE. His poetry has appeared in MARGIE, WORD FOR/WORD, and elsewhere.
Eve Jones's poetry has appeared in journals such as AGNI, Hotel Amerika, Nimrod, and Poet Lore. She was a finalist for the Ruth Lilly Fellowship competition, and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. She teaches in St. Louis.
Eric W. Schramm received his MFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College in Boston. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Paper Street, The Literary Review, The Louisville Review, The Comstock Review, and Cider Press Review.

 Colleen McKee likes to write poems, essays, and fiction; and also amuses herself by drawing, singing, and aimlessly meandering about. She is also the founder of the Sapphic Scrabble Club. You may read (and hear) some of her work online at www.lit-cast.com and www.poetrydaily.org.
Richard Newman is the author of the poetry collection Borrowed Towns (Word Press, 2005) and several poetry chapbooks, including Monster Gallery: 19 Terrifying and Amazing Monster Sonnets! (Snark Publishing, 2005).  His poems, stories, and essays, have most recently appeared or are forthcoming An American Life in Poetry, Best American Poetry 2006, Boulevard, Crab Orchard Review, Poetry Daily, StoryQuarterly, The Sun, Tar River Poetry, 32 Poems, Writer's Almanac, and other periodicals and anthologies.  He lives in Soulard, edits River Styx, and teaches all over town.





On 10.26.08, Nancy Jo P. writes, "It was wonderful! The Pres and Laura are headed there this weekend and I'm sure they won't get better service or treatment than we did! However, there were secret service all over the place. You can tell when you're walking down the beach and three guys in dark suits, white shirts and ties are coming toward you! We asked if the 'president siting' rumor was true, but no one would talk. Today I got a message from a friends saying the announcement was in the Post and Courier (local Charleston paper) this morning. I'll send Richard a pic of me on the terrace of my room so you can all get a flavor of this island paradise...also another little surprise photo... "


The little surprise photo (and closeup below).







On 10.16.06, Nancy Jo Handelman Powers writes, "Here are two pictures of my new grandson, Eli London Powers with his dad, Matt and mom, Ali. The little oxygen tube is standard when babies are born at about 10,000 feet. He's doing fine, as is mom. Dad says he's a little woozy...lack of sleep. We're so grateful to have another healthy baby in our family. We really feel blessed; eight grandchildren and not a bit of worry during any of the pregnancies or births. Lucky us."




On 9.29.06, Rebbie Hammerman Bates writes, "Nancy, I just read your article in the Ladue News.  Fantastic!  You did a wonderful job combining so many of our memories. Rebbie"
And here's a direct link to it




9.24.06, Gary Pepper writes, "To All, I would like to wish a happy and SAFE New Year to everyone. We just got back from our trip to Eastern Europe.(Budapest, Salzburg, Prague, and Vienna). I would reccomend that part of the world to everyone. The history
just never quits. I attached 2 picures of the 550 I took!! One of them has culture and is the inside of the Vienna Opera House. The other is yours truly endulging in the finer foods of the city. Have a good weekend."




Official photo taken from the Koprivicopter on 8.30.06. Name those two roofs. Hint: The winner gets a glass of water and a Dick and Jane book.



Below is a recent article in Sea Magazine written by our very own Doctor Rebbie (Hammerman Bates) up in the state of Washington.







Below are two pictures taken by Steve Harmon of Perseus with the head of
Medusa...a bronze statue that stands in the
Piazza Vecchia and a third picture of a copy of Michelangelo's statue of David which also stands in the Piazza.





Below are 4 beautiful photos taken by Steve Harmon

on his visit to the village of Giocalto in the region of Tuscany.

1) The house in Giocalto that
belongs to my brother-in-law Dennis Olsen (University
City 1959).


2)The view from the logia (porch) of the


3) Giocalto as seen from the nieghboring
village of San Martino.


4) The logia.




8.02.06 Steve Harmon writes, "I just got back from my trip to Europe. I spent two weeks in Florence and Tuscany, and a week in Spain. I was there visiting my son James who was working in Florence for the summer. The two of us took off for Spain for a week. He had never been there, and I had not been there for many years. I'm attaching some photos that I took during the trip."

The first is James on the Beach at Elba Island. He
will start his second year at the University of Hawaii
this month.

The second is the Cathredal and bell
tower at Florence. The bell tower was designed by


The third is a Barcelona apartment house
designed by Antonio Gaudi.


The fourth is the
unfinished Cathedral of the Holy Family (Sagrada
Familia) in Barcelonis, also designed by Gaudi.


last is me and James about to eat a paella in a
restaurant in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.





The St. Louis Poetry Center presents

A poetry reading at The Focal Point,
2720 Sutton in Maplewood,

Tuesday, July 25. Doors open at 7, reading at 7:30.

Nancy Powers
Amy Debrecht
Eric Schramm

Free and open to the public



RANDY the red-nosed RAHNdeer and his family on Memorial Day 2006 at Lake Tahoe.



6.02.06 Rebbie Hammerman Bates writes, "The weather in Vancouver was cloudy and drizzly, so I'm not sending any pictures from our visit there.  Instead I've attached a somewhat recent sunset picture taken from the back deck of our house.  The islands in the picture are some of the Canadian Gulf Islands."



6.04.06 Nancy Jo Handleman Powers writes, "Home again. Why does it always feel as if vacation was a dream? Attached a picture of us having a great time...."



6/1/06, Susan Rosenbaum writes: "This is a picture of Shelley Rudman Koffler and her husband, Herb, taken at the State of Israel Bonds Dinner in Albuquerque, where they were honored for all they have done for the Jewish community of Alb. It was a pleasure and honor to be at the dinner and witness, first-hand, the very high regard their community has for these two very special people. I told Shel the only thing missing was her appearing in a towel and singing "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair!"



On 5/02/06, Nancy Jo Powers writes, "Here's a snap of my grandkids taken in April during my visit. One of the few sunny days, but it was fun anyway. My son Matt and his wife, Ali, were there for a couple of days too. They're expecting in Oct. Yea!"



Above you see the label on my most recent unearthing...an audition tape from Dr. Koprivika's little known acting school. I am still processing the tape and am very curious who the actor is that Dr. Koprovactor (as he was know to his students) describes in a handwritten note as "headed for the big time." I'll have the film link hooked up soon. In the meantime can anyone hazard a guess who the heck the guy is?


Nancy Jo Handelman Powers Poetry Reading Is Imminent

Through encrypted sources the following communique was intercepted by Dr. Koprivika's secret decoders still operating after 45 long years of nonstop use:

On 1 March 1,2006 our own Nancy Jo Handelman Powers teletyped,

Dear Everyone,
Below are details for an upcoming poetry reading I'm doing with my 'salon.' The space, Mad Art, is really cool and I think a good time will be had by all! I'd love to see your smiling (albeit sometimes confused) faces! Hope you can make it! Bring family, friends, neighbors, the guy on the corner....Nancy
 The First Thursday Salon, Amy Debrecht, Bob Lowes, Nancy Powers and Eric Schramm, will read poetry on Fri., March 31 at Mad Art, 2727 S. 12th St. Doors open at 7 p.m. with the reading at 8 p.m. There will be hors d'oeuvres, a cash bar and music. If you haven't visited the gallery, housed in the old Lynch Street Police Station, you're in for a treat. Come enjoy the art, poetry, food and friends. For information call 771-8230



On 2/14/06 Dr. Preston Koprivika writes, "Students of '63, I hope you are all doing well and I have decided to make this confession myself rather than rely on Krause as my messenger. Many of you may have noticed I had a lopsided grin many years ago...not to mention beady eyes. Well, to get to the point, I'm Elvis's first cousin and my real name is Preston Presley and in recent years I've developed a very convincing Elvis impersonation act. I'm giving a comeback special concert today at the Saavis Center but, unfortunately, Krause failed to inform you sooner and there are no more seats available. You may notice in the poster above, I am wearing, and always wear, only blue and white. Happy Valentines Day to all you Sweethearts, who were and will always remain Ladue's Loveliest Ladies."




On 1/31/06 Dave McConnell writes, "Hello everyone, sorry that I have been sitting on the sidelines for so long.  Been listening but not saying much. Things are not much improved down here.  Still living in a 380 square foot camper and waiting for my insurance company to do something for or to me. Probably the latter.  Local governments still mostly non functional and the infrastructure destroyed.

I have put together four photographs of my house taken from June through December, and one of a message left by an unknown author in my neighborhood.  They pretty well sum recent history on the coast.  The four photos of the house were all taken from about the same spot on the edge of my yard.  Look at them in date sequence.

Not looking for sympathy, but all of us down here pretty much feel like the rest of the world assumes we have put everything back together and life is good.  It's not!

Paul P. - Good pictures of Paris!  Patches is doing ok, but he still has not written his book..





Click on the Photo Above for Mr. Koprivika's First Lost Film

Also now available for viewing are Koprivika Klassic 2 and Koprivika Klassic 3.


To view a Holiday Video click here if you have a high speed connection, click here if you have a medium speed connection, and click here if you have a dialup connection.



(Paul Perlow's beautifully impressionistic rendition of Steve's photo)

Above are 5 photos from Steve Harmon's 2005 Thanksgiving family reunion in the San Francisco area.




Click here to see movie



Click here to see Paul's animation "Samur-Eyes"


Click here to see movie



9/25/05, Nancy Moore writes, "Hi. In this picture (left) Rapunzel is sporting a fifth place ribbon at Pony Finals in a class comprised of 71 ponies. Punzie won the model class. (On the left) is a picture of little Rapunzel jumping!"


9/12/05 Nancy Handelman Powers writes, "My sister's stepson, Scott Kitchen, is commander of Coast Guard helicopter rescue operations in New Orleans. He sent these photos to Linda (class of '60) and she forwarded them to me."

And here is the message Scott sent with the photos: "All is well... a tad tired but have never been prouder in my life.  The folks I have the privilege to work with have done extraordinary things in the past two weeks - biggest rescue operation since Moses led the exodus. Morale is high & everyone is digging in despite many suffering damage or complete loss of their homes & more than half had to move their families throughout the country just to get their kids in school. Jen & I are blessed to still have our home & the animals are safe in Texas - we maybe able to move back in later this week.  This next year will be a challenge - New Orleans & the Mississippi Gulf coast have a tough road to travel. I'll talk to you all soon.  Love, Scott"


Above: The remains of Dave McConnell's home in Mississippi after the Hurricane...where his cat Patches survived for 13 days alone.


8/24/05, Sharon Steinman Stein writes, "It is a picture of Gracie Rosenthal Brod and myself on my 60th birthday last month playing golf at Snowmass Club in a member-guest tournament that took place while I was staying in Aspen.  We had the most beautiful day, great weather, gorgeous scenery, a great lunch, yummy birthday cake and we came in 2nd place!!  What could be better??"



8/13/05, Dave McConnell writes, "Could not resist passing this on. Picture taken yesterday next to my office. Born last week as several of us looked on. Mama extremely tame. Eats out of our hands. Will mug you if she smells an apple."


Above is the story of the Bat Mitzvah of Susan Rosenbaum Bosse and Gracie Rosenthal Brod as written by Nancy Handleman Powers for the Ladue News edition of July 29. (DIRT CHEAP's advertising was omitted to downsize the file).


7/24/05 Steve Harmon writes, "Here are four photos I took in West Africa
this summer. The first three are of the
weekly market in Segou, Mali's second largest city, on
the Niger River. The people come from all over, by
land and by canoe, as you can see, to sell their goods
there. The last shot is of my son James and his
cousin Fati."



7/19/05: Gary Pepper writes: "I just got back from my son Andrew's installation as the Assistant Rabbai at the temple in Louisville. It was a time when you really are proud to be a parent. As Nancy Jo says we sure take our lumps a lot with kids , but there certainly are the very good things that they do. I enclosed a couple of pictures of my son and his wife and the 2 grand kids. Paula is also the cantor for the temple. It is hard to understand where my kids got their religion from!!! I do support the temple, but not very observant."



7/11/05 David McConnell writes: "Waiting for the Crew....Thursday is the day." 



7/05/05 Forest Park's finest, Sharon Steinman Stein and Nancy Jo Handleman Powers, after a hot day on the links.


7/03/05 Susan Smith writes, "a photo of Steve Shank, Kathy Morris, Chris Wulff and me at our recent (Graybridge) reunion,  just a few days before Chris passed away."


6/22/06 Paul perlow writes, "Late at night, while sleepers sleep, I have been experimenting with a software program(Studio Artist) that is the best set of digital crayons I have ever played with. It has consumed me to such a degree that it has taken priority over normal sleeping habits. It is the seed for infinite image creations, including this simple tulip that I am sending everyone. This is the Tulip for the Day with good wishes for all."


6/20/05 - Right here in St. Louis, the Muny on opening day 2005. Top: A view of the 7 custom-sewn silk flags (one for each show) in front of the Muny. Below: A view of the final rehearsal 5 hours before the first curtain call.


5/26/05 - From left, Sharon Steinman Stein, Rick Pennington, George Nelson, Chris Wulff, Richard Krause, and Jeff Fink get together at Schneithorst to welcome Chris to St. Louis. Photo courtesy of Sharon's camera and computer expertise.


5/15/05 Warren Wexler of Denver, Jeff Fink and his son Michael of Fenton meet at an art museum in Overland.


Om 5/15/05, George Nelson writes, "Nancy and Bill Hecker were in town this past weekend. Barbara and I met them for a quick visit at the Kirkwood Starbucks. We spent a pleasant half hour or so catching up and comparing notes. Nancy sure keeps on the move. Her tour business involves a lot of preparation. Nevertheless, she had us ready to sign up for any one of the tours she is preparing.

The picture shows me, Barbara, Nancy and Bill with our teas or coffees. The beer bottle on the table is the bottle of Budvar beer Nancy promised to bring back from the Czech Republic. It has only been in the U. S. A. for a short time. While its Ladue '63 connection gives it some some sentimental value, it also short shelf life. I am eager to try it. Thank you, Nancy and Bill."




Posted 5/05/05: Steve Harmon writes, "One of these photos is of me and my son
James Harmon, age 17, who will go to the University of
Hawaii this fall to study art and marine biology.
Another is a shot of Ladue with James and my sister
Tina in the foreground."



4/19/05 Randy Rahn writes, "In an effort to balance my 'image' after the last couple pics of me. Here's my real life from the party, not my fairy tale life."


4/19/05 Paul Perlow writes, "This woman's shoes and matching pocketbook are the best. She wears them like a proud child. Perhaps she was one of yesteryear's screen stars."


4/19/05 Richard Krause writes, "Steve Harmon and his son James were passing through town Sunday and Jeff Fink and myself met them in front of the Art Museum...where hopefully some day James will have his work on display."


April 13, 2005: Richard Krause writes: "I was planning on waiting until Veterans Day to post this composite newspaper clipping of Jeff Fink in Vietnam that I found on an internet site. But Jeff Jr. going into the "cr...." gave me a good excuse to post it now. The M-14 that Jeff is holding in the picture on the right is a big piece, but notice how it almost looks like a toy in his hands. And notice in the photo on the left how Jeff taking the point position makes the guy beside him look like a midget. Interesting to note, Jeff has casually told me he always liked taking the point position because snipers never took the lead man out first. They usually went first for the radio operator.


April 6, 2005: Paul Perlow writes: "...a photo I took during my college days... I wish I had this woman's name. Her expression reflects so much hope, warmth and elegance."



March 11, 2005: Two sweet snapshots from Randy Rahn's "Clambake Sixty."


March, 2005, Grace Rosenthal Brod and Susan Rosenbaum Bosse after their Bat Mitzvah on Mount Masada in Israel.


3/14/05- After another very animated poetry performance, Nancy Jo Handleman Powers takes a breather, surrounded by Eric Friedman, Richard Krause, Rick Pennington, and Jeff Fink.

And below is a clipping from the evening's program with a short excerpt from one of Nancy Jo's poems.




The TOP 30 from our last week in high school.



Jeff Fink, Charlie McCowen at Columbia, Missouri's Ruby Tuesday on Thursday, February 24, 2005.


Just released this morning, the true story of the making of "Million Dollar Baby," which won the Oscar for the Best Picture last night.



January 2005 Mini-reuinion in LA. Carole Eron Pei and husband Chren, Randy Rahn and wife Rhonda, Nancy Hundley Hecker and husband Bill.

1/22/05, Nancy Hundley Hecker writes - "Hi Randy and Carole and Ladue classmates, Just got back from California last night. Had Bill download the pictures from our mini-reunion in LA. Got a couple that aren't too bad. As a little background.....Bill had a meeting in LA last week, and we had a free companion ticket that had to be used before the end of February. I had a gap of time before my tour activities pick up again, and the weather in CA is nicer than Washington this time of year, so it was a great time to go along! Rains had stopped and the weather was gorgeous. I contacted Carole Eron Pei to see if we might get together. She was great. Organized a little mini-reunion with Randy Rahn, who lives nearby also. Carol's husband, Chren, is Vietnamese (and Bill spent two tours of duty in Vietnam)....so we met in the Little Saigon area of Orange County for an interesting evening. Bill and I arrived a little early and walked into the restaurant. We were dressed normal (not wearing a Ladue letter jacket, like Randy), but they still kind of looked at us wondering who we were and why we were there? They didn't speak much English, but were very nice. I showed them the card with the name and address of the restaurant....and yes, this was the right place. I told them we were going to be six people, so they put a couple of tables together and brought us some tea. Then Carole and Chren arrived, so Chren took over and was a wonderful host....ordering a variety of Vietnamese specialties. I'm not sure what all we ate, but it was pretty good...all with a sort of sweet and spicey sauce that I liked! Carole looked the same and it was fun meeting Chren and hearing all about their lives. Carole didn't think her life was so exciting, but I found her story fascinating. Besides teaching English as a second language, Carole and Chren have had (and still do have) foster children that they take in. They are hard to place teenagers. We listened to just a few of Carole's stories....and think she could write a book about her experiences! Chren's story is so intersting as well....as he left Vietnam on a boat all those years ago. He now works at the hospital as a physicians assistant, I believe. Good people! Randy came with his wife Rhonda....and we recognized him right away. His Ladue letter jacket was a dead give-away! (But I would have recognized him anyway! :) I don't want to blow his cover, but underneath all that California speak, he really is a pretty normal guy! I understood everything he said! His wife Rhonda is very nice, with a good midwestern background (from Cincinnati orginally). Saw pictures of their kids...who are about the same age as our grandkids....but that doesn't mean we are any older. Cute kids, cute wife, nice guy. It was fun to be together after all these years. Each of us had different life stories...but all interesting and it was fun to catch up. Judy Woodman Underwood and I have been in touch too. She lives up in Cupertino, Ca. There was some thought of us meeting up at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley....but it was just too far of a trip for her to make in one day and back...especially with the mud-slides, etc. I hope to see Judy on another trip sometime. I did get to the Reagan Library, however. Spectacular setting...with memories from the funeral service still fairly fresh. Also visited the Queen Mary which is now a museum in Long Beach. It was interesting as well. That's it from here on the east coast. Snow is falling and it's a big contrast to the 82 degree weather we had in California. Best to all. Nancy.      p.s. Carole is also a special ed teacher!




1/16/05, Joyce Ritter Ulrich writes, "Photo is from a family vacation 8/04. Son, Brad, is a chiropractor in Redmond, Washington, married to Colleen, parents of (new 18 month old) Lily Claire. Daughter, Kim, married to Andrew Buchanan. Kim and Andrew are both lawyers. Kim practices with Dick's firm in Clayton. I am a retired elementary school teacher. Now I have time for a "sentimental journey" to catch up with long time friends."



1/03/05, David Hendin writes, "We did go snorkling at a lovely place called Xel Ha on the Maya Riviera....from left: Ben Hendin (son, 29), Me, Zinger Hendin (son, 14), Jeannie Hendin (wife), Jessica Hendin (neice, 14) and her father Roy Hendin also ex. Ladue around '73."





End of year confession from Richard Krause, "Pip has done the work while I have selfishly taken the credit."





a very sincere, if not stupid looking, holiday greeting from Richard Krause on 12/23/04



12/16/04, Paul Perlow writes, "...thought that I would punctuate this tale with 1954's
Vision of the Future. It gave me a momentary smile and perhaps you will
enjoy it also. Be sure to read the caption."



12/6/04 Susan Smith writes, "....camp auer, chris wulff, susan smith, and kathy morris with miss roshke at the mexican fiesta at little ladue grade school."


12/02/04 The all new Wonton King Beverly and Wei Wong Beverly


12/01/04 Pip Krause at Forest Park wondering what nonsense his daddy is up to and Richard's aging calaboose with too big tires, especially noticeable in front.


11/30/04 Jeff Fink writes, "My wife, Becky and myself at the 2003 Marine Corps Ball. There are usually 2 times a year that I wear a suit and this is one of them. If we miss the Ball, then it's one time a year. Can't remember what the other occassion is, but if I miss it, no problem."



11/05/04 Steve Harmon writes, "This is a picture of myself in Buenos Aires. I am with a colleague and a group of PSU students. This was taken during our study-tour of South America this summer. We had a little reunion of our group last evening. We drank sangria and showed videos and pictures. It was nice."

11/04/04 Paul Perlow writes: Dear Rebbie,

Welcome back. Thanks for the wonderful images of Alaska. They are beautiful. I really liked the one you took of the icebergs.

Though you may not have realized it, I was a stowaway on your trip. (I especially liked the caviar and champagne you had below deck.) It's odd, though, that you didn't see me when you took some of those pictures. I attached one below just in case you want to see me at home with the blue bergs(sounds like the name of a television series, doesn't it?).

Any ways, I could enjoy a trip like the one you and Bill took. Let me know if you need a first mate or a cook on the next one.

Take care,




11/04/04 Justin Mutrux writes:

After reading about Rebbie's adventures in Alaska, I decided to send this
photo from my snow machine trip across Alaska a couple of years ago.
Remember that Alaska is essentially a winter state.
About the picture:
I bought his great wolf ruff in Shaktoolik, a small native village on the
west coast of Alaska. There are few jobs for the native people in the
Alaskan bush, but they can make some money by selling furs. A lady came to
the school gymnasium where we were spending the night with 3 of these wolf
ruffs. My buddy and I each bought one and we had her sew them on our parkas
immediately. The ruffs are practical as well as decorative. In really windy
weather - which happens often - you turn the ruff so that it will entend out
from the hood, to make a kind of tunnel around your face to block the wind.
Now I don't get many chances to wear this parka in MO.

- Justin



Posted 11/01/04, above are 3 snapshots from Rebbie Hammerman Bates and her husband Bill's 2004 voyage to Alaska.


Richard Krause's monday morning view of who he naively hopes will be the real tuesday winner after the votes are counted.




Nancy Hundley Hecker writes, "Hi all. Just had a really nice visit with Linda Franklin Barnes down in Dallas/Fort Worth while there with my group on "Boots and Bowties" tour. We met up at the new Gaylord Texan hotel for a drink on Saturday afternoon in between tour activities. It was great to get together. Linda brought her husband, Jim. I didn't realize he was also a Ladue alum. Took me a minute of looking at him, and then I recognized that yes I remembered knowing him! I think they enjoyed seeing the new hotel with its Texas theme. Anyway, we caught up with a lot of years. Linda works for Plano Police Dept in Public Safety. I could tell she enjoys her job and is really good at it. We took a couple of pictures to post in the mini-reunion section. Diana Moore....sorry we missed you. You moved back to St. Louis too soon....but hope to see you there some time. Linda and Jim, thanks for the drink....and for driving all the way over to see me! Here come the pictures. They're not the greatest...but not too bad. That's not the real Alamo in the background. :) The hotel has three atriums...the Lone Star tower with replica of the Alamo....the Riverwalk atrium with replica of the Riverwalk.....and the Hill Country Atrium. Gaylord properties are fun...as they really play their theme. This one just opened in April, and they're doing well!"



10/08/04 Nancy Handleman Powers writes, "Here are some photos of my family at my son's wedding in Breckenridge. It was beautiful, fun and a very happy day. Matt and my new daughter-in-law, Ali, live in Breck (Matt is a Realtor, so if anyone wants to buy property in Summit County...) Also sent one with my daughter, Nina, son-in-law Tom and my three grandchildren and a photo of Luke and myself at the wonderful event."


Justin Mutrux and his wife Maryann.


Above is Justin's "dramatic impersonation of John Wesley Powell. Mr. Powell, of course, is the one-armed explorer who first floated the length of the Colorado River successfully back in 1870 or so. I floated the Colorado last month. It was my first trip back to the Grand Canyon since I hiked in and out with Tom Houston, Alan Cohn, and Austin Rust back in the summer of 1968."



On October 2, Pittsburgh University Historian Steve Harmon and St. Louis Hysterian Richard Krause met at Talayna's (Hebrew for Italy) Restaurant (across from where the Stardust Burlesque Theater once stood and Evelyn West's highly touted Treasure Chest once resided) in St. Louis...for what turned out to be a successful and most enjoyable summit meeting, the first one after 41 years of detente'. No treasure chest was uncovered but Steve and Richard had a great time agreeing on what a miracle it was the way the Cold War ended. After a spontaneous photo op, both would-be gladiators of justice whisked away to their chosen destinations. Professor Harmon to his home in Pittsburgh, Kansas...and Ex-spurt Krause to give his mother a ride to Harrah's St. Louis casino where she still swears she wins more at blackjack than she loses. Lest the world worry, a second summit is already in the planning and will hopefully include additional ambassadors from the class of '63. Krause commented to a usually reliable source (the same one Dan Rather too often relied on), "This first post-Cold War summit was so electrifyingly successful I felt as if my hair was about to stand on end."


On Sept. 11, 2004, Charlie McCowen writes, "This pic was taken on July 4th on a MO river sand bar just down from our river place, kids having fun. Charlie Lee thinks Sandman Rando has the only sand beach V/B thing going, NOT, good old MO has it also. Randy and Dave Mc have seen the pic and want to come home and play or I really think they want to come to our river place and drink beer and watch !! thanks, River Rat Charlie Mac"





Jeff Fink writes, "This is a cheap way to find out what the weather is going to like."



Charlie McCowen writes, "4th of July celebration, 1st. place in parade, Sedalia. Daughter Kelly, Son-in-law Rob and grandkids Ryan (2) and Carly (4), photo by proud grandpa Charlie Mc."




Nancy P. writes of this story she wrote for the Ladue news featuring Susan Smith's father, "Sue's dad is front row, on the left. He's an amazing guy; the consumate gentleman and still has a real spark in his eye. It was a lot of fun. I played a few hands of gin with them--they were out of my league."


Paul Perlow's "Sunflowers and More"


Paul Perlow's "True Love"


Paul Perlow's "American Sunrise"


Paul Perlow's "Salute to America"



August 7, 2004, Nancy Handleman Powers asks, "Who loves the Cardinals?" But she fails to identify the enthusiastic rookies...until she finally admits, "You force me to reveal the secret plans for a certain World Series victory. Alex Johnson takes a curtain call after yet another 4 for 4 outing and the two brothers, Matthew and Alex show their unbridled enthusiasm for how the end of the season will go. My grandsons; they're a hoot. (And I had fun at the ballpark, too.)"




July 14, 2004, Gary Pepper writes, "Here is a shot of my wife Alice and I in front of a restaurant on the Champs Elysees in Paris. It was lovely."


July 11, 2004, Tom Houston writes, "Here is a picture of me and my fiancé Jennifer, taken last week when we were in St. Louis briefly for my mother's 90 Birthday picnic."




noni's baby

July 10, 2004, Nancy P. writes, "Hi Everyone. Here are the first pictures of our new baby girl, Margaret Rose Johnson--and her two sort of dazed little brothers, Matthew and Alex. She was born July 10, just after noon and weight 7lbs 13 oz. Once again, I was lucky enough to be right there when she entered the world and after two boys, needless to say her appearance was a wonderful surprise--we just expected another little guy. It's fun to be surprised and my daughter Nina (the mommy) says not knowing the gender is the ONLY fun thing about the end of a pregnancy! Everyone is doing great and I've already been shopping for ruffles and pinkpink things! Love fron Noni.."



Riverboat Rando shows the spirit of '63 is alive and well (see closeup immediately below).

Hey, Mekong Rahn, what's going on in the background? Good show, Randotino!



Sleazy Rider Krause getting tuned up for the Fourth and trying his best to look tough.



Engraved card given to visitors at the Rotunda, courtesy of Nancy Hundley Hecker



Proposed Ronald Reagan Oval Office

    I believe we would all agree that with the so-called "Cold War," the threat, if not downright inevitability of total nuclear extermination of not only the human experience but of the liveable Earth itself was the greatest threat to ever exist on our planet. As such, I believe no honor is too great to afford the man who more than anybody else helped end that horrid threat.


Nancy writes, "I've been traveling in the UK with Luke for 2 weeks--visiting his sisters and hiking in North Wales and the Lakes. This is a picture of me in Coniston. I think we were somewhere around the Old Man of Coniston, one of the well known fells, but since we just find a path and go, we don't really know where we are!"


Four snapshots taken on Memorial Day 2004 of the Carl F. Meier Veterans' Memorial at the south end of the football field.




Newsclip announcing Ladue poet laureate Nancy's recent regional award.


Krause, Powers, and Pennington photo op after Nancy's insightful and very animated poetry reading at Duffy's in St. Louis on 4/26/04.  



Story about David Hendin in the April 9, 2004 edition of the Ladue News, reprinted without permission.


Paul Perlow's Ellis Island Liberty Image


Krause 4/10/04 self-portrait after a professional facial massage.


Krause 4/7/04 self-portrait with a clean shave and haircut.


Ann Margret drawing 3/23/04 by R. Krause



David Hendin's photo of "bakery in the old city of jerusalem baking the BEST crusty white bread in the world".



David Hendin's photo of "the Ecce Homo arch"



David Hendin's photo of "the Western Wall"



David Hendin's photo of "street in the Old City of Jerusalem, Arab Quarter"




David Hendin and his wife Jeannie on his recent trip to Key West.



Dvaid with son Zinger (now 13) and daughter Sarah (32).



David with his beautiful grandson Max (2 1/2)




Susan Smith's family's Jewelry Store at Grand and Olive.


Richard writes, "Here's a picture I took last night at the 5th Annual Banana Charity Costume Ball put on by the Banana Bike Brigade of which I'm a member even though I don't at present ride a bicycle. We have 25 members and about 450 people turned out last night for the ball...and it was great fun at the South Broadway Athletic Club."



The Krause's Dry Goods Store at 4644 Shenandoah. Richard writes, "The tallest of the three kids is my father and the lady behind him is my Grandmother in about 1925."


Anne Skinner Wulfing writes: "Can you identify any of these classmates? Taken at a Rams Den party in 1960 Carl Meier and Gail Ferfecky , Randy Rahn, Ed Sommerlath and Dede.. I forgot the other girls name... Just found this and thought it might be fun to put on the site." The other girl has been identified as Carol Unger.




Susan Smith writes, "Another mini reunion with same group only this time John MacDonald joined the photo op. From left to right back row is Steve Lochmoeller, Gene Deutsch, Susan Koplar Brown, Susan Smith, Sue Schiffer Miller. Front row is Ginger Marion Lochmoeller, Grace Rosenthal Brod, John MacDonald. This wedding took place the end of Sept.in Woodstock Vermont."



Morning after the Schiffer Miller Wedding in Woodstock, Vermont (l to r): Gene Deutsch, Richard Stein, Susan Smith, Sue Miller, Gracie Rosenthal, Susan Koplar, Ginger Marion and Steve Lochmoeller.


Randy Rahn's Oceanview


Gary Pepper's New Babe



Photo of Hamoa Bay by Gary Pepper



An authentic St. Louis "Sweet Potato"


posted by Krause 2/02/04, Montage of Parents at Pearl Harbor



posted 129/04, Central Park in the Snow by Perlow



posted 129/04, Forest Park in the Snow photo by Krause



posted 129/04, R. Krause in 1963 Beach Boy Shirt (colorized)



posted 1/25/04, Horton Watkins in the Snow by Krause


posted 1/25/04, by Paul Perlow



posted 1/24/04, by Gringo Krause


posted 1/23/04, by Paul Perlow


posted 1/23/04, by Paul Perlow